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Real Estate Investing 

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Invest with us

Our business specializes in buying value and distressed properties and then rehabbing them as needed before bringing them to the market.  Some of these properties need no repairs and move directly from purchase to resale, and some require a specific level of repair before they are resold.  I have a crew and several subcontractors that do the work as needed on the projects we decide to work on.  We also wholesale numerous properties out to other investors.

What we are specifically looking for are investors.  We are a growing business that is experiencing a ton of success in our chosen market, Hawaii.  We have more available projects than we do capital at this time and are looking to expand our business while reducing our cost of capital.

We pay up to 10% interest on your money and offer the ADDITIONAL PERK of stays at our properties.  (Like getting paid to own a timeshare)

Why invest with us:

  1. We are paying a great interest rate that is guaranteed by the property you are investing in

  2. We only buy value and distressed properties, so you are always in a great equity position.

  3. We have an excellent track record and have never lost money on a property (because we buy right)

  4. We have a talented team that takes care of everything from finding the next great deal, to rehabbing it, to sales and marketing.  (Decades of experience)

  5. Hawaii is one of the best real estate markets in the country with abundant growth opportunities and steady positive growth over time.  We do not have those crazy market swings like other states get.  (NO wildfire epidemic, no insane heatwaves, no water shortage, no...)


Call or email me for more information on this exciting opportunity


Everell Thayer

Vacation Rental Capital

Hilo Bay Oceanfront Bed and Breakfast

Quality Built Construction

Bizwala Realty

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