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My Story

     I was born In Grand Rapids, Michigan and am the last of 12 children.  When I look back, I can see how amazing my parents were.  My father was a WWII vet and married my mom after the war.  Their first house was a duplex they bought so they could have some passive income.  He worked at the same job for most of his life to provide for his large family and was always available to help a friend in need.  He, with the help of my older brothers and sisters built a summer home near Travers City Michigan.  I had the privilege of helping him remodel that summer home and add an addition some 25 years after it was built so that him and my mom could retire there after sending me off to college.  My mother was the ultimate stay at home mom that raised 12 children while actively participating in her church.  One not to rest on here laurels, she went to college shortly after I was born and became a registered nurse.  When my parents passed away, Hawaii became our new home. 

     I started my first business at the age of 12, and have had several businesses and careers over my life.  I have typically worked in sales, and absolutely love the interactions I have with a person, couple, or family.  While I have worked at the largest bank in the United States, my true passion is in real estate and my slogan on my sign says "Making Hawaii beautiful, one ugly house at a time".

     Since moving to Hawaii, my wife Cheryl and I have renovated and converted a 1922 home into one of the best bed and breakfasts in Hilo, Hilo Bay Oceanfront Bed and Breakfasts.  When you come inside, you will see her design talents, my handywork, and the loving and successful business we have created. 

     We currently own multiple rental properties, numerous fixer uppers and are enjoying great success with all our businesses.  Cheryl and her team run our rental business, and me and my team run the real estate business.  

Everell Thayer

Vacation Rental Capital

Hilo Bay Oceanfront Bed and Breakfast

Quality Built Construction

Bizwala Realty

(808) 371-8304

IMG_0148 (1).JPG

The view from one of our oceanfront suites at our business Hilo Bay Oceanfront Bed and Breakfast

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