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Big Island Living

     The island of Hawaii, also called the Big Island, is a beautiful, varied, and easygoing place to live.  With almost 3/4 of all the microclimates in the world represented on the Big Island, there is a perfect place for everyone here.  The most affordable real estate in all of the state of Hawaii can be found on the Big Island.  This means that your dream of living in paradise can become a reality here.  

     The Big Island is greater in land mass than all the other islands added together.  In comparison to the other islands it has the lowest population per square mile, which means you will have a lot more elbow room here.  Oahu is 596 square miles and the Big Island is almost seven times larger with 4,028 square miles.  The big Island also has about 1/5 of the population of Oahu.  This is exactly why your dollar goes a lot further on the Big Island when purchasing a home.

    The Big Island has one of the most diverse populations in all of Hawaii.  It was originally settled by people from other Polynesian islands.  Then many came from Europe and America.  During the plantation days, people from China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Portugal came to work on the plantations.  Now with over 200,000 people, you can find a mix of people from all over the world calling the Big Island home.


The Big Island is made up of nine districts, and each is very different and unique.

1) Puna - Fastest growing area on the island and also some of the most affordable.  Very tropical and natural with an active volcano here.  Largest town is artistic and eclectic Pahoa.

2) South Hilo - City of Hilo and much of the tropical rainforest beauty located here.

3) North Hilo - Beautiful land on the tropical side of the island.

4) Hamakua - Waimea and Honokaa are two towns in this district and known for cattle ranches and beautiful forest. Also home to the Waipio Valley and some of the most dramatic ocean views.

5) North Kohala - Quaint town of Hawi and many farms.

6) South Kohala - Resorts here with endless days of sun.

7) North Kona - Kailua-Kona is the largest town on the west side know for sun, shopping, and coffee

8) South Kona - Captain Cook and many farms and plantations.  Also on west side (sunny) side of island.

9) Ka'u - Largest district with affordable prices and many natural areas.  Know for coffee, farming, south Point and Green Sands Beach

     The Big Island is the land of opportunity in Hawaii.  With its growing and diverse population there are many niche opportunities available to those pioneers that would like to create a small business.  We also have great need for many professionals and general employment opportunities.   Like the rest of the state of Hawaii, the Big Island is also a tourist based economy.  It provides many opportunities to work in the hospitality and travel industry.  You will also find a abundance of business owners that own rentals, bed and breakfasts, unique lodgings, tour companies, and unique experiences.  We have an abundance of small business opportunities and most people can find an opportunity to create a business around something that they are passionate about.   With the growth that the Big Island is experiencing, it seems like there is always another opportunity around the corner.  

Big Island Lava Zones

The Big Island of Hawaii is made up of 9 lava zones.  Lava zone one has the greatest chance of seeing lava and lava zone nine has the least potential.  Each increase in number is an exponential decrease in the lava potential.  Lava zone one usually has a lava event every 35 years on average.  Lava zone two has an average of every 150 years.  Hilo, the largest city on the Big Island, is in lava zone three and is the place that 40,000 people call home.

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